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KN Technologies is specialized in web products, if you are looking for web product resources to either build or upgrade your website. As experts in software solutions, we can handle all aspects of your software project specification, design and implementation, testing and related services with the help of best professionals, who fulfill the needs of the client with guaranty. We offer all quality spectrums of services and offer cost-effective, quality oriented, and reliable software services; we will give you all in one solution with quality and satisfaction.

 Touching Future

KN Technologies provide following services in web & graphics design

Web Development

KN Technologies has a high quality creative and experienced graphic designing team that knows, how best to serve our clients. Our creative team consists of graphic designers, photographers and animation creators.

Web sites/applications developed by KN Technologies are generally secure, stable, reliable and scalable. Our smooth project execution process and excellent customer service make starting anew or redesigning a breeze.



Web & GUI Designing

The Web-based graphical user interface (WebGUI) is an administrative interface where administrators connect to the appliance from an Internet browser.


APP Development

Get your web reday for Mobile. Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.




Domain & Hosting

KN Technologies is offering best Web Hosting in Pakistan. Get Premium services of Web Hosting in Pakistan. We provide high quality web hosting solutions at affordable price. Our experienced technical support staff ensures customers receive hassle free web hosting services all the time.


SEO Development

KN Technologies focus on specific technical aspects of building (or modifying) web pages so they are structured for both search engines and human visitors. We are constantly tracking and documenting the latest search trends. We are not only a SEO company but also equipped with multi talented web designers. It has complete solutions for your website.



E-Commerce Development

At KN Technologies we have been working on E-Commerce applications for the last 4 years and have built systems which are secure, reliable and easy to use. We have people who have good knowledge on a wide variety of ecommerce technologies – MS Commerce Server, Able Commerce, Spree, OS Commerce – to name a few.