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A professional website is a fine blend of creativity and technology.

KN Technologies designs graphical user interfaces that enable customers to maximize profits. From icon & toolbar design, user interface design, XML/XSLT/HTML/CSS programming, to Web site development & e-commerce with the interface based on usability, functionality and content.

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Define the role-based management policy against which to authenticate and authorize administrators and A processing policy builder where administrators drag-and-drop processing actions to create the rules for requests and responses. Define the deployment policy against which to filter configuration data during import or export of an application domain.

GUI is a graphical user interface to a computer. As you read this, you are looking at the GUI or graphical user interface of your particular Web browser. The term came into existence because the first interactive user interfaces to computers were not graphical; they were text-and-keyboard oriented and usually consisted of commands you had to remember and computer responses that were infamously brief.

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